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GALLERY: Here are some Coventry Removals staff and resources available to Coventry Removal clients. Our family run Removals and Storage Company offers a very personal and very professional Removal experience. Our staff demonstrate honesty and team work to ensure the service we deliver suits your Removal needs and requirements. Our office staff will assist you in booking and updating your Removal dates as they alter. Circumstances beyond our and your control may mean that your Removal date changes and our trained office staff will endeavour to work with your Removal requirements whenever possible.

Henry & Son-SJ Sharp use professional palletised storage cases. This ensures that all goods are kept secure throughout the removal. Each sealed container used has a full inventory of goods taken at the time of loading. These specialist containers are designed specifically to ensure that they will provide secure, clean, dry and easily accessible goods during the period in storage. All furniture will be covered in transit blankets during the store period. This gives our customer’s piece of mind that when their goods are in storage nothing will get damaged. Henry & Son-SJ Sharp give our customers a 100% guarantee that the conditions in our storage facility are kept to the highest standards for your Coventry Removal.

We believe that containerised storage is the cleanest, simplest and most secure method available. Each storage container holds 250 cubic feet (7 cubic metres) of storage space, and your goods are fully covered by our liability cover during the period they are stored in our warehouse.

From storing just a few boxes for a few weeks, to large commercial storage and for storage while you’re moving home we can offer the a storage solution to suit your needs:

Our containerised storage is the easiest way to store your possessions; from a single item to complete home contents.

The containers are loaded on to one of our purpose built removal vehicles and brought to your door, where our trained staff will proceed to carefully wrap your possessions and and put them directly into the container. A detailed inventory is completed for each container and a copy left with you for total peace of mind for your Coventry Removal.

The containers are then sealed, taken back to our warehouse and fork lifted into the safety of our secure storage facility where 24 hour, monitored intruder and fire alarm systems are in place.